Using your Chi Machine:

Instructions for using The Chi Machine:

1. Position massage unit on a firm surface with the handle facing away from you, ensure no restriction occurs to the machine’s air intake. A firm based bed could be used by bed-ridden people but such a platform is not an ideal base for proper positioning to the spine which a firm surface offers.

2. With an increase in body and mind relaxation, there arises a lowering of body temperature. During cold conditions, warm the room being used or lightly cover your body with a blanket during massage sessions.

3. Drink a small quantity of water before using it. 150ml is usually sufficient.

4. Lay down on your back, perpendicular to the front of the machine, and with both feet comfortably resting on each stirrup, start the desired session time by activating the control switch. Place hands by your side and begin gentle, slow deep breaths to enhance oxygenation of the body. Focus the mind appropriately to increase relaxation and to add massage benefit to specific areas of the body. Retain positive focus on the mind and know that the body is experiencing a truly magnificent rejuvenating massage that is bringing renewed health.

5. For initial use, set timer for 5 minutes, and then increase to 15 minutes if no discomfort arises. General timing can be at user’s discretion (2 minutes for sick people.)

6. When the unit stops, continue to stay in a resting position for 2 to 3 minutes because 40% of the exercise effect arises from the oscillatory action of the machine and 60% of the benefit comes from the internal massage influence during the 2-3 minute rest once the unit ceases massaging.

7. Following the rest period, remove the feet from the unit and raise both knees into a 45-degree angle. Take a gentle deep breath, hold it and slowly commence a spinal twist movement by lowering the legs to one side as far as possible. Hold this position momentarily then, as you exhale slowly return both legs to the raised knee start position. Pause a moment, and repeat the movement to the opposite side and back, breathing as before. Repeat the exercise at your discretion 2 or 3 more times. During this movement of the lower body, retain the upper back firmly on the base you are resting on.

8. At the conclusion of the ‘spinal twist’ exercise, roll to one side and slowly raise yourself by a sideways upwards movement, moving the spine laterally.

9. Conclude the session with a large drink of water that will aid in toxin cleansing that the massage has activated (about 150-300ml).

Three Arm Positions:


The Mid Position:
Place both hands under your head with the fingers clasped. This position exaggerates the curves of the spine and will impart a stronger motion to the spinal column.

The Goldfish Position:
Lie with your arms relaxed by your sides at an angle of about 45 degrees. This position is particularly good for releasing tension and relaxing.

The Stretched Back Position:
Stretch both arms above your head keeping them as straight as possible. This position creates traction throughout the whole body and can help to relieve muscular tension and discomfort.