Electro Reflex Energizer


It is believed in ancient China, that the bottoms of the feet can be divided into 25 parts, each representing different parts of the body. The modern day theories of Reflexology deal with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body and by using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas one can relieve stress and tension and help naturally achieve homeostasis. The Electro Reflex Energizerô has many features and benefits based on these concepts.

Exclusive Features and Benefits:

Heating area (foot pads) keeps feet warm and soothed by heat stimulation. Helps to relax tight muscles before running, walking or any other exercise routine. Quickly soothe and refresh your aching feet with the penetrating massage action. Choose from circulation- increasing oscillation actions including pounding, relaxing and massaging. Computerized programs vary the speed and intensity of the oscillation massage automatically. A control dial is available to let you set just the right amount of massage intensity. Easy to use timer, which can be set 5-30 minutes in five-minute intervals. Replaceable electro pads used to pin point and stimulate additional areas such as neck, shoulders and back. Portable and lightweight for travel use!

A Full Body Experience. . .

Not just another foot massager, the Electro Reflex Energizerô utilizes low frequency stimulation to provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation. No other machines can compare! Use your Electro Reflex Energizerô to promote your well-being. Just 5-30 minutes a day with the Electro Reflex Energizerô will help your feet feel better, further relax and revitalize your entire body. Foot massage promotes your blood circulation while loosening tense muscle tissues. Unwind with the Electro Reflex Energizerô and feel the low frequency acupressure "fingers" gently massaging the bottoms of your feet as you drift into complete relaxation. You can also attach the electro pads anywhere on your body and use the controller to adjust the intensity, time and massage mode. Then, sit back and let the electro pads do the work.