Auto Immune Disorder
I was first introduced to the Chi Machine in August 2000. I have been suffering from intermittent poor health for seven years due to pregnancy related hyperthyroidism on three separate occasions. During my last pregnancy of 1998 I also developed an auto immune disorder where my immune system began to attack my right eye. I went into remission from both conditions late in 1998, but my body was left very weak and I am on medication because of a chemical imbalance due to the endocrine and immune disorders. I would continually get sick and I developed allsorts of allergies and I had very little energy. I was also born with a rare spinal deformity of my fifth lower lumbar vertebra. I also suffer from a permanent separation of my left collarbone from an injury when I was two years old. The spinal deformity over time, caused my back to be severely out of alignment which resulted in all types of nerve, sciatic and muscle problems. The separated collarbone was caused by a complete tear of the cartilage at the base of my sternum. My collarbone is being supported by scar tissue and the surrounding muscles, the results of which has been neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand problems for over 30 years. Often times I would lose the full use of my left arm and could not raise it up. Neither one of these conditions can be corrected by surgery. I was told surgery would only be an option if I ended up losing the use of my legs. I was also told that I would have to perform physical therapy type exercises for my shoulders and back for the rest of my life or I could end up losing the full use of my arms.

The Chi Machine gave me back my energy after just one week. After the 5th use, my varicose veins began to go away and I could feel the blood flowing into my legs and feet. After about two weeks the pain in my hands, arms and neck and shoulders went away. However the pain in my lower back muscles and in the bone was getting more severe, but the numbness in my feet went away and then my upper back pain also gave way. Last, the severe pain in my lower back and my sciatica went away sometime after the 3rd week.

I went to the Chiropractor on October 2, 2000, for X-rays. My spine and birth deformity had straightened out with only a slight curvature remaining. The doctor said my spine looked great and that I had no significant problems with my back. I have been feeling great with lots of energy, less sleep and I no longer have any significant pain anywhere in my body. I feel about 20 years younger, I've lost weight and inches, I weigh 110 pounds and I look better than I have in years.I have tons of energy and vitality and I can't wait to get up each morning! The Chi Machine has been a miracle in my life.

-- Theresa C. Hayes

When I was young, I played tennis, exercised each day and took walks with my dog three times a day. I enjoyed outside activities, and could not understand people joining a gym to exercise on machines in stuffy sweaty atmosphere. I always had a healthy lifestyle where I played on school teams and won tennis tournaments.

I injured my back in my late twenties but had learned to protect it by not lifting heavy objects and not sitting too long. However, sleeping was a problem and gradually over the years getting up without pain in the morning was not possible. Then as my forties came upon me, sports injuries started to occur. Torn calf muscle, painful shoulder, an underactive thyroid and more constant back pains than I had previously had, all of which slowed me down somewhat.Then I developed sciatica! For a person who had not a day off work sick in twenty years, to be laid low for three weeks and the possibility of having to give up tennis, was devastating. I had acupuncture, went to physiotherapists and chiropractors, which cost a small fortune. I had painkillers and stronger painkillers. Forced myself to walk the dog, though he did not understand why the walks were so short! Gradually, the pain eased and I was able to return to work and continue a life that was tentative and restrictive, with no tennis, only gentle exercise. I then took up Yoga and was introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi machine. "Me? on a Chi Machine? What next?" But it did not take long to decide and having tasted what the energy could do for me through yoga I now am the proud owner of the Chi Machine.

My new life has started with more energy and confidence I play a better game of tennis, I am pain free while sitting and I have a more relaxed sleeping pattern. I have even gone back to college to upgrade my skills in computer technology. I cannot wait until I am fifty years old to see what else I can find the energy to do!

My husband is also a tennis player, who does not practice yoga, has used the machine and a troublesome knee is no longer painfulafter exercise. Every home should have one, the benefits are enormous and I can now forget the physiotherapist bills.

-- Gina Ward England

Back Pain
In April 1998 I was introduced to theThe Chi Machine at a health exposition. Although I only tried it for three minutes the effect was incredible. I knew I had to have my own Chi Machine. After three weeks of daily use of the Chi Machine I realized that my back pain had disappeared and that my back was warm.

Since I started using the Chi Machine my physical health and flexibility felt 25 years younger. Furthermore, I felt my creativity and energy increased. Wherever I traveled I always carried the Chi Machine in my car, or if I am flying, my machine travels with me.

Thank you Dr. Inoue for your amazing Sun Ancon Chi Machine

-- Betty Medley

Weightloss / Diabetes
Just a note to let you know how much my husband and I are enjoying our Chi Machine. Here are some of the personal results I have seen in a very short period of time.

I am diabetic with neuropathy in my feet and venous insufficiency in both ankles. By using the Chi Machine for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day the circulation is improving and the burning sensation has almost gone. Before I started using the Chi Machine I would wakeup several times during the night with a terrific burning sensation whenever covers touched my ankles. Now I am getting a good night's sleep.

I also have to wear a TENS unit (a battery powered pain unit) for the spasms in my arm following radical mastectomy surgery. As a result of the surgery, I could not extend my left arm much above the ear level in a curved position - despite much physical therapy and going to the chiropractor. Since I have been using the Chi Machine, I can now expend it completely over my head to match the other arm. I can now go longer intervals without the TENS unit.

My curiosity had me go have my cholesterol rechecked. After 8 weeks using the Chi Machine, with no other changes in diet, exercise or medication, the triglycerides were down 34 points, HDL (good) cholesterol up 11 points and LDT (bad) cholesterol down 19 points. Each day I see other pluses so my Chi and I are very good friends.

My husband had triple-bypass surgery in 1998 and also has a bone spur on his hip joint, which limits his being able to walk. He has faithfully ridden his stationery bike for thirty minutes every other day but could not lose any weight. He has lost 4pounds, first 3 weeks and is continuing to lose more.

-- Juanita C. Flemmons, Mn

Knee, Back, Leg and Hip Pain
Rarely do I find a product which sparks my interest to the point that I have to tell everyone about it. But that is exactly what I found with the Chi Machine. After listening to a cassette, I couldn't get a machine fast enough! My main concern was for my family, not myself.

I have a sister with severe asthma who recently was air lifted to the Twin Cities for stabilization. Our youngest sister is a brittle diabetic who hasbeen in a diabetic coma several times. Another sister has a liver diseaseand is allergic to numerous things. Dad suffers with severe knee pain and Mom has suffered side pain for 45 years plus other ailments. My husband suffers with gout and both our children have occasional back pain. The listseems endless.My daughter has been to a Chiropractor 3 days in a row with back pain. After the first time on the Chi Machine she noticed the pain lessened. The next day the pain was completely gone.

Dad noticed pain in his cold shoulder during his first two treatments on the Chi machine but the pain subsided dramatically when the timer shut off and was gone for the rest of the day. His knee pain is less severe and he always looks forward to his next Chi.Mom woke with hip pain before her first treatment. After just one minute on the machine it was gone and hasn't returned.

My entire family is grateful for the Chi Machine.

-- Bonny Stock
Cannon Falls, MN

Neck Pain
I am usually very skeptical about the number and variety of so called "Exercise Machines" that daily assault our eyes and ears. My first impression on hearing of the Chi Machine and being asked to try it for a mere 5 minutes was, "So what, but yes I will give it a go." I didn't realize that my life was about to be changed by this mere 5 minutes. Following continuous nerve pain which had been progressively worsening for the last two years, I eventually sought medical help. After X-Ray and diagnosis for a compressed disk in the neck, I was told that I would have to live with what appeared to be a long standing injury and was directed to physiotherapy in an effort to gain relief. I was also waking each morning with a severe headache which I assumed was caused by my neck problem. To my dismay, and after only one use of the Chi Machine, I gained immediate relief and was pain free. In addition, I had obtained complete freedom of movement in my neck. Something I had not had for over two years.

-- Trevor Stehr

A Chiropractor's Evaluation
Having worked with the Chi Machine for only six months, I have found a modality unlike anything I have come across. Whereas the use of passive motion has been used by chiropractors for many years, the equipment has been cost-prohibited for home use on a frequent basis. Additionally, it is often too intense for the more active disc cases. The Sun Harmony Chi Machine is affordable for daily home use and has tremendous benefits for diverse cases. The speed and fluidity of motion overrides the pain-spasm mechanism, while at the same time oxygenates and mobilizes the tissues of the entire body. The results are phenomenal.

-- Dr. Adam Schwartz

Fractured Spine and Shoulder
As a result of my being blown from the roof in May 1996, I fractured my spine and left shoulder. The fractures healed well, but the shoulder would only return to 80% of normal function after fourteen months. Having used the Chi Machine twice daily for several weeks, the last twenty degrees of motion (abduction) in my left shoulder was restored. Although I had extensive chiropractic care and acupuncture, the final return to normal function of my left shoulder has only been accomplished using this fantastic little machine, despite swimming and other rehabilitation work. Over the years we have looked at so many physiological therapeutic aids to assist and complement the chiropractic adjustment, but we have not found anything so far that has been truly effective until now. I have personally found an added benefit in the relaxation and meditation state one can enter while using the Chi Machine which has been a major plus in the healing process.

-- Dr. J.A. Hinwood

Varicose Veins
We purchased a combo in November and my husband quickly became addicted. He had severe varicose veins on his ankles, below the ankle bones, so that his ankles looked purple. After only a week on the chi machine, a couple of times a day, he noticed the veins disappearing. Today, he has only a tiny few remaining and we are both confident that they, too, will go away. Wouldn't most women love to hear that?

Also, the huge and dark freckles on his hands are fading out, because he lies in the total spa at least once a day. The fading of freckles began during the first two weeks.

I bought the Electro Reflex Energizer in January. Due to extensive travel, I used it for the very first time this week. Wow! After placing the electrodes on three sections of my back for 15 minutes each and 15 minutes with my feet on the pads, I slept wonderfully. When my husband asked, "How does your back feel?" I had to answer, "What back?" I didn't feel a single tiny pain anywhere.

We have all of the machines made by the company and swear by all of them.

New Mexico

Brain Surgery
Mama survived the surgery, but two weeks later blood clots destroyed a whole lung and half of the other. The doctors said it was a miracle she survived but that her brain, heart and lung cells could not rejuvenate. For four long years her personality seemed gone, and her quality of life was greatly diminished. She was also diagnosed with diabetes. She couldn't drive and became dependent on others for just about everything. The week after I got my Chi Machine, I brought it to our family vacation at Gulf Shores, Alabama. We put Mama on the Chi Machine for one minute the first day and for a minute and a half the next. The second day she took a walk down to the beach! It was incredible! A week later she was walking around the grocery store without using the motorized cart! After eight months of using the Chi Machine, Mama's personality came back, and her health improved dramatically. Her neurosurgeon was totally amazed and gave her permission to drive. We never dreamed she would be able to drive again! After using the Chi Machine for a year, her cardiologist told us Mama did not have congestive heart failure anymore-who ever heard of that! Her lungs are now normal; she does water aerobics for exercise and uses the Chi machine 12 minutes twice a day. THE doctor took her off the diabetes medication because watching her diet and using the Chi Machine daily keep her blood sugar under control. My mother has her life back because of the Chi Machine!

-- Joffrion Mitts
New Orleans, LA

Clinical Trials have been conducted by an expert in the field, Professor Neil Piller of the Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Fliners University of South Australia, on "Recognition, Treatment and Management of a Venous Oedema Leg and Lymphoedema". They show conclusively that the CHI helped this condition.

(I have a booklet on this and thought there is always someone that wants this clinical truth!)

In late 1996, I was a 57-year-old obese male with non-insulin dependent diabetes and high blood pressure, and I noticed that I was slowly losing feeling in my right foot.

In early 1997, my podiatrist diagnosed my condition as neuropathy. The office test consisted of having the podiatrist touch seven points on the bottom of my foot. I could only detect three of these contacts. I knew that I would have to start doing something as I figured that at age 57 I was too young to have such a condition. Moreover, I was the one who despised exercise of many type. I justified some of this dislike to the bone spurs, which I was developing on both of my feet. In retrospect, it seems providential that by coincidence I went with my wife to visit a friend who showed us the CHI Machine. After hearing about his good experience, I decided to try it.

I used the machine every morning before going to work and every evening before going to bed. I find both of these 15 -minute periods as highlights of relaxation in each of my days. The machine travels with me on vacations and there have been very few days on which I have not used the machine.

In November of 1997, I asked the podiatrist to recheck my neuropathy. Upon feeling all seven contacts, the podiatrist sent me to a nerve conduction study, The results of that study provided a diagnosis of a "barely perceptible neuropathy" attributed to my diabetic condition. I considered this a tremendous improvement, which I can only attribute to the use of the CHI Machine. I will continue to use it daily for the rest of my life with the hope that I can lose some weight and hopefully eventually overcome my diabetes.

--John Gore
Baltimore, MD

I am writing to tell you about my Dad's experience with the CHI Machine. He has Parkinson's Disease and began using the CHI machine last June for oedema in lower limbs. He loved the machine right from the start. He said it was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time. He just loved how invigorating it was and it did help a lot with the oedema.

One of the symptoms of Parkinson's is loss of speech. He had not lost his speech but he was very difficult to understand. We had to ask him repeatedly to repeat himself in every conversation. Then in September we were sitting outside, enjoying a lovely day bad chatting. After about a half hour I suddenly realised we had chatted all that time and I had not had to ask him to repeat himself even once. I was amazed! I asked him if he had noticed that and he said yes, that he felt a lot clearer. He seems more assertive and alert. It is just amazing. I believe I have had to ask him to repeat himself about five times in the last eight months as opposed to five times in three minutes, as was the previous reality. Just for this benefit alone. The CHI Machine is worth every penny that we paid for it.

Another benefit is that my Dad has also had severe hip and shoulder pain from injury/breakage for many years. Twenty plus years for the hips and ten plus years for the shoulders. He tried many things to no avail.

After six months of the CHI Machine usage he had no hip or shoulder pain. This is something that we are profoundly thankful for on a daily basis. Dad uses the CHI machine for 20-30 minutes. He started with 4-5 and worked up slowly to get these results. I hope this will be of interest to others.

--Donna Crow
Eugene, Oregon

Multi Benefits
Following a car accident I 1987, I suffered whiplash causing severe pain since that time. I had been to a neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist. They helped the neck injury but the pain would always come back. Later in 2002 after purchasing the CHI machine and using it twice a day for two months I noticed I wasn't having any more neck pain.

The CHI Machine has also helped in reducing my cholesterol and has lowered it from 236 to 210. I also sleep really well.

My husband has been helped as well. He had developed a cough from teaching woodworking for 30 years. The CT scan showed fibrous thickening in the lungs. After using the CHI machine he does not have his cough anymore. We are thankful for both feeling better and take the CHI with us wherever we go.

--Irene Patterson

Due to my difficulty in breathing, my doctors thought that I had a heart problem. They asked me about my pain and I kept telling them that I had no pain. After treating me for a heart condition for 7 years, which included performing angioplasty, they decided that the problem was not with my heart but that my problem was emphysema.

The only medication that I am on is inhalers, which I now seldom use as my wife bought me a CHI machine. I admit that I was a sceptic and did not try it for about 10 days. After starting to use the CHI Machine, my breathing is so much better. Several years ago, my wife and I attended senile aerobic classes. I had to drop out because my breathing was so laboured, even when I was doing the exercises in a chair. Recently. we both returned to senior exercise classes and I am glad to report that I am able to do all of the exercise. I am feeling like a new person. Also, I might add that I was having pain in my groin area, which would wake me up at night and keep me from sleeping. I first used the CHI Machine for 5 minutes. That night the pain in my groin was barely there. I used the CHI Machine the next day twice for 5 minutes. I have never had the pain again! I feel that the pain was caused by inactivity and lack of circulation. My wife and I are both using the CHI for 15 minutes a day and sometimes three times a day because it gives both of us so much energy. We also are now using the Hot House and the CHI Machine together and are so happy with the results.

--Alvin L. Wiley Dallas, Tx 

I am 53 years of age. I used to be in constant pain for the past 18 years. I was not enjoying good health.

I use the CHI Machine and the Hothouse every day. I have a lot mortem energy, better nerves, no more menopause symptoms, more mobility throughout my whole body and am pain- free especially from sciatica. As well, the bone spur is gone from my right knee. The pain in between my shoulder blades is also now gone. My arms use to be very weak and my breasts very sore. I now have alot of strength in them. The CHI Machine cleans out the lymphatic system as well as clearing cysts from my breast.

As the CHI Machine helps with depression when the body is pain-free, so is the mind. The hot and cold flashes are also gone.

My son, who had severe whiplash after a bad car accident 11 years ago, does not have to go to physiotherapist and a chiropractor any more. The CHI Machine has been like a miracle to my family.
--Connie Fandrick Medicine Hat, Alta 

This machine is "unbelievable".

Towards the middle of July 2003 I started experiencing a headache and stiff neck. My headaches were so sever, I felt as if my head would explode.

After consulting two physicians, one chiropractor, one acupuncturist and even having a series of massages I decided to try the CHI Machine, since none of the above worked. After one treatment in Dr. Lipton's office, my headaches were gone and so was my stiff neck.

I have been telling everybody who will listen, about the CHI Machine and the benefits

I have had problems for the last three years and it was steadily getting worse. I tried a friend's CHI Machine and I purchased one as well as the Far Infrared Hot House. I did not get relief right away but I kept using both machines. I then began to feel a tingling sensation from my feet to my head and that is when the burning sensation that I had been experiencing when urination and the frequent trips to the bathroom at night disappeared.

My wife has used both machines for the pain in her back, knees and feet and it has relieved the pain.

These two machines have made life so much more pleasant. If one is a prisoner in his home due to prostate problems, then buying these two machines is certainly the answer.

In my opinion, you could not put a dollar to better use.

--Gordon Lothian Stavely Alberta, Canada  

I was involved in a rodeo accident resulting in a severally broken pelvis. What I thought was just a "bump" in my program turned out to be a life-changing event after 6 major surgeries, which were unsuccessful in repairing the damage. I was still on crutches 4 months after the last surgery when I was once again told that the fusion of the sacroiliac joint had not taken. This was a major problem with each surgery! A few days later my son Cody arrived at my place with these machines he had just purchased ie the CHI and the Far Infrared Hot House. He gave them to me to use and told me to do so twice a day at least.

Of course I was very sceptical but willing to try anything. After a few days, I began to notice that i was getting stronger. I had less pain and I was feeling better all over. It was 2 months later that I began to walk with a cane and sometimes I walk without it. My body has not felt this good in 9 years! I have no pain unless I overdo the walking plus my body feels toned as though I have been exercising regularly, and I have not been able to exercise for many years. I am so grateful for these lifesaving medical devices. Thank you to my son Cody for introducing me to the machines and to my family and many friends for their continued support throughout this lengthy process.

--Phyllis Dahl Calgary. Canada 

Multiple Sclerosis
In 1980 I was diagnosed with chronic-progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Since then I have slowly and steadily gone down hill. Five and half years ago I got to the point where I need an electric scooter around the house to get cooking and laundry done. Prior to that my husband was doing the grocery shopping for about six years.

I bought the CHI Machine in June of 2004. The arthritic pain in my hands, that I had been taking 2 Aleve for each day, disappeared after about three days on the machine for 5 minutes a day. The swelling in my ankles started going down too. Now, about after 4 1/2 months of using the CHI Machine twice a day for 15 minutes, I can stand up long enough to brush my teeth. I also use a walker now for short distances.

I love the CHI for what it has done for me and the feeling of total relaxation it gives me. I am hoping that with continued use it will make my legs even stronger.

A nice side benefit is that I have lost 6 pounds and my husband lost 10 and we did not diet.

--Karen Auger 

Multiple Sclerosis
I am a professional violinist who has played and taught music for over 20 years. In January 2003, I developed tingling in my fingertips and arm that continued to travel up my right face and neck. There were parts of my face and arm that were numb and I started to experience a sensation of "ants" crawling up and down my head. I had trouble sleeping and yet I was extremely tired all the time. When I started losing control of small motor skills in my hand and had trouble lifting and holding my violin bow, I got really scared.

I'm 40 years old and playing the violin all my life. I've played in Symphony Orchestras that have performed with artists such as Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John. I always figured I would be playing the violin until I was at least 80! When little things such as pencils and my violin bow began to slip from my fingers...I panicked. If the music world knew about this, I would lose music contracts that were already booked two years in advance. My career and my life would be over if I could not play violin any more.

An MRI was done on my neck and a lesion was discovered on my spine. The doctors suspected it was an MS attack. I was put on IV steroid treatments to lessen the attack, but it made me feel terrible. The attack lasted for six weeks. Attacks can occur as often as 8 - 12 months apart. I was told that there was no cure for MS and the attacks would worsen, affecting my vision, speech, arms and legs. Taking medication injections once a week could slow the progression but there was no guarantee and the medicines cost $1000 a month. The side effects of the drugs were the same as flu symptoms. I decided to find an alternative.

One of my violin students, Linda Porche, a retired nurse, introduced me to the CHI Machine. I tried the CHI Machine and within two weeks the numbness and tingling subsided and I was able to regain the use of my arm and fingers. The more I used the CHI Machine, the better I felt. I felt more alert mentally, and I slept better. I was more relaxed and the pain in my neck and spine disappeared! But more importantly, I was able to play violin again. Playing violin every day for three to four hours at a time can cause a lot of muscle tension in your shoulders, neck, back and arm. After a long day of playing and teaching, I get on my Chi Machine and the tension and pain floats away.

Since I began using the CHI Machine, I have not had any problems with MS. The CHI Machine has made a profound difference in my health and how I feel. I thank Linda for introducing me to the CHI Machine and giving me a healthier alternative. Several of my family and students have purchased CHI Machines once they saw how much better I felt.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy everyone I know a CHI machine!

--Mary Jane Winslow 


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Knee, Back, and Hip Pain
Neck Pain
A Chiropractor's Evaluation
Fractured Spine and Shoulder
Varicose Veins
Brain Surgery
Multi Benefits
Multiple Sclerosis